Sunday, October 19, 2003

Looking up ASCII characters

Note: Post moved here from old blog
The internet has become like air to me, and I doubt that I would be surfing/browsing to less than about 50 sites in a day. So I have added a new section and would be posting sites I visit and remember (that's a good requirement for any site! folks, please make your site usable!) I also feel that it would be kinda cool to note down the search entry I used to get to the site. So, some of the sites would also have the google(it rocks!) search string along with the link. Just for academic purposes. To note my metamorphosis(so to speak)

While searching for ASCII characters, especially alpha and omega, I came across this site. Would have been good if the ascii fonts were copy-able. I understand the trouble, its locating the right font. Now who is going to sit and scan through the hundreds of font any person using Office, Acrobat, Autocad etc. would be having.
Here is the site: