Thursday, June 24, 2004

Email Storage space expansion

I just saw that even Hotmail has decided to up the storage space provided to free email as well as introduce other goodies in the bargain. Cool!
Courtesy Google or rather Gmail. With their announcement of impending free email service with *no* space constraints (meaning 1GB of free email space), it was but a matter of time before the existing shahs of free email service would announce their strategy. Yahoo! mail has already upped its storage space to 100 MB for the free version while there are a few more providers (namely, Spymac and RediffMail) already providing 1GB of email space for free.
This means, that the average email user can easily have atleast 3 to 4 GB of storage space on the Internet. Somewhat larger than most harddisks until a couple of years ago. Letting my ideas roam a bit on the same, I couldn't help thinking that with some ingenuity and a broadband connection (and given that these email services would be available 24x7, which is a fair assumption I would say), it would be possible to have a diskless workstation which on boot loads an OS image stored on one of these inboxes and runs applications stored on another of these inboxes. Kind of tricky jugglery, but is possible I think. Insecure, slow, susceptible to failure and won't sit very well with the providers of the mailbox.

Hmm...Now where was that perl script that used to retrieve my mail from hotmail?

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