Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Microsoft Architect Day

Yesterday I attended the Microsoft Architect's Day held in Mumbai. Somehow, I didn't leave with a sense of elation. Looking back at the day, although it covered a variety of topics, it wasn't entirely true to its title of "Architect day." What the program gave was more of an overview of some new and some old topics being debated all around the online world! Except for the talk on SOA, I was at a loss to justify my time there.

I understand that some of the people at the meet might have been unaware of new introductions like Office Information bridge Framework or Services for Unix. Then again, isn't an architect is supposed to know whats happening in this space? And, with a $6 billion budget, its no surprise that new products crop up at a frenetic pace.

There were quite a few interesting tidbits interspersed throughout the talk for the discerning listener, some of which I intend to elaborate in the coming days.

All in all, an O.K. experience.
(The sales talk and some of the digs made were eminently avoidable)

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