Friday, June 25, 2004

Startup Trick

Sometimes its plain impossible to continue working when you see IE having scroll issues and VS.NET IDE not responding for over a couple of minutes. And, due to force of habit, sometimes, I feel the need to reset the machine, although since Windows 2000 I very infrequently reboot (Now I use Windows 2003 as my desktop OS!). Even as I write this, my machine's been up since 6/9/2004 9:07:23 AM. Sometimes, I have had my machine going on and on without a reboot for like 3 months. One reason why I avoid reboot is because, I keep many browser windows open, with stuff which I prefer to read again sometime later, and sites which I do not want to add to my list of favorites. I have tried a lot of stunts to get my windows open back again (like opening the sites in Opera and then killing the browser with pskill (a cmd line utility from the pstools set! If you work with the command interface, then this is a recommended download.) If Opera is killed, it will load the sites it had open, when it was killed) and my personal favorite now is this ( since I stopped using Opera, although its a very neat and AWESOME browser):
1. Right Click on the Startup folder and select "Open" or "Explore" to bring up the startup folder
2. Drag the icon of the URL (yes, every URL has an icon on its left [it might be different for bi-di] from the Address combobox in IE and drop it into the opened startup folder. This step ensures that next time windows starts up, it will bring up this URL.

Fast, easy and effective! Just one glitch though. Whatever you add to startup (including these sites) will be opened up every time you log on. Which means, you will have to ensure that you delete it after the boot (in case you don't want it again).

Incidentally, this step is also applicable for applications which you want to run next time (Was a there really a need for me to mention this? Cmon, You knew it, right?)

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