Friday, June 25, 2004


Just got this query from my brother: a 4 letter word that has meaning similar to enhancement and rhyming with mind?

Hmm...Apart from relying upon the db that I carry between my ears, the first thought that came to me was, I would have called upon an excellent piece of software called Maven, which would have brought me all 4 letter words that end in "ind". I would have just typed in my query as ?ind and would've got the list, and then looked up the meanings of the individual words. Although, I misplaced that s/w long ago, I found something very crude named ScrabbleAide(didn't google much for something similar, instead changed my tactic)
Then I realised that this was really a pathetic approach, very long drawn and fraught with errors at all the steps. A brute force method would've been much simpler (aind, bind, cind, dind...since its only 4 letters, but what about 6 or 7 letter words.) There had to be a better way.
A few more seconds googling around, and a search of got me to and I realized that I hadn't considered the possibility of words ending in "ined." Hmm...if I were to rely on those results, then one thing's for sure. There is no *4* letter word that rhymes with mind and *means enhancement*

Lest this was a query on some acronym, I would have resorted to Acronym Finder. And, I do call upon WordWeb time-to-time to help me out with some meanings. Although not through and through reliable always, its getting better with each version (a special mention:the "Similar" words feature is *NEAT*.)

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