Monday, July 05, 2004

Time Update

This morning I noticed that the time displayed in the systray wasn't appropriate to say the least. So, the question begs to be asked? Pray tell me O master! How would I go about setting my machine to the appropriate reflection of time in the cyberworld?
The master spake thus, Fear not my disciple, for help is nearby. Double click on the clock in the systray, and go to the third tab, Internet Time. There lies your answer.
But Master, whenever I select one of those timeservers and click on Update, I get an error message!
Courage dear pupil, for your network admin might have already created a timeserver on your domain, and thou can just type in that machine's name in the combo.
Err...Psst...Master, I am not using Windows 2003. What do I do ?
Your solution lies with Atomic Clock Sync. Go Forth and Enjoy...

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