Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Update on Deskbar...

Neat tool. I like it as of now!

Once DeskBar is installed, it parks itself on the right margin. I have kept it to auto hide, so when I hover my mouse near the right margin, Desk bar slides into view.

This picture shows the Desk bar and the panels. From Media player to Google Search, it encompasses a lot of functionality in the default install.

Searching in Google is now just Win+Q keypress away. A really useful feature, since you don't need to fire up calc.exe now to do your math. Just press Win+Q and off you start typing like:

200km in miles 

How many gallons in a litre

longest beard

parsec to km

The integration with Outlook is good. It brings up my tasks/notes etc. from Outlook. Pretty neat!

The context menu for the panels are context sensitive too. Clicking on them brings up the standard Outlook dialog to add a new entry.

Awesome Stuff! Great Features! Reminds me of Longhorn! Now what needs to be seen is how much of a productivity gain do I get out of this?

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