Sunday, August 08, 2004

Google Search: Hello Microsoft World

Is you primary platform Microsoft based? Do you work with Microsoft products most of the time? Are most of your Google Searches Microsoft products based? Well then, this url should be your first stop, instead of the regular Initially I thought it was a joke. Especially with the Google logo sitting snugly on the Windows XP background. But a quick search for Hello World brought me hello world occurences only from the Microsoft world! Neat, pretty neat!
I set about to unearth the other such topic based searches that google supported (yes, thats what they are called "Topic-Specific Searches."
And, these are some of the topics available:
1. Local - Find local businesses and services on the web.
2. - All things mac
3. - about BSD Unix
4. - all Linux pages
5. - Search Microsoft-related pages
6. - U.S. Government ( .gov and .mil sites)

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