Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wildlife Photographer of the Year award

BBC Ruben Smit Toad Orgy
A clipping from the site:

Dutchman Ruben Smit's picture captures that staple of animal behaviour photography: sex.

Each spring, common toads migrate in huge numbers to mate in the ponds of Veluwe, a national park just outside the city of Arnhem.

Wading into the cold, crystal-clear water, Ruben held his camera as low as possible to the pond bottom to get a toad's-eye view of the squirming mass and used a wide-angle lens to show as much of the action as possible.

"At that moment, there must have been about 200 toads in the water and they were mating with my fingers - they were so horny. The males are searching for any movement and every time I moved my hands the males would go for them," Ruben recalled.

"Every five minutes I had to shake them off; I had two or three toads clamped to my hands."

The picture won the Animal Behaviour: All Other Animals category.

All the pictures are beautiful.


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