Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Microsoft launch vehicle of choice: an Auto rickshaw

Eager to be a part of the VS.NET 2005/SQL 2005 and BT 2006 launch party in India, I clicked on the link in the email invitation to take me to the registration page. After entering all the details, I clicked on one of the links on left hand side which took me to a flash site. The page loading indicator was a rickshaw meter, and pretty soon, the Rickshaw theme of the entire site was evident. There's even a game called Rickshaw Jam where one manoeuvres a rickshaw through a pot-hole ridden street avoiding those pot-holes and picking up VS.NET 2005 and SQL 2005 boxes, all the while going through a green signal (a green light.)

Some days ago, Deepak had an experience with a Rickshaw driver. One wonders whether that was the inspiration for the theme!

The rick gets a red color and a green collapsible top with mean looking dual chrome exhausts! Such a lean, mean machine has been entrusted to someone who can be termed as a "phattu" (a coward) though! The driver is wearing what appears to be a fire-proof suit and a helmet! Tch...tch...tch... Such blasphemy! I am yet to see a rickwaala (or a waali) wearing anything more than the Khaki uniform, hawaii chappals and the badge! Lets look at some of the possible explanations for this mismatch:
1. Programmers are inherently a timid lot, and they would rather be protected while taking such a machine to its limits (which incidentally is just 60 KMPH!)
2. The Rickshaw is inherently so unstable that the normally complacent rickshaw waalas would better be wearing a fully protected suit

I know I am reading unnecessarily into something thats meant to be fun, but couldn't help the dig <>

Enjoy the experience here:


  1. LOL! Well, truth be told - The team behind this got this idea independent of my recent experience with the kind auto driver :-)

  2. A synchronicity, I would say :) Actually, I was amused to see posts/news items on ricks where ever I looked, and then finally on the MSDN launch!

  3. Jatin1:43 AM

    You obviously hang out at the wrong parties ;)