Thursday, September 28, 2006

The ubiquity of "pet"s in Hyderabad

Been in Hyderabad for some days now, and I am getting used to the many "PET"s in Hyderabad. For starters, if you come to Hyderabad by air, the airport is in Begumpet. Then there is Ameerpet, a crowded, bustling marketplace (if I can call it a marketplace! Its more like all international brands crowding in whatever little space is available!) Then, there is Balkampet, Malakpet, Musapet, Dhoolpet, Shaikpet, Amberpet & Ramgopalpet. < begin PJ > I had forgotten entirely about those eight pets. Some time ago, I was refilling my bottle of water when I happened to glance at the lid, it read "Pearlpet!" < end PJ > Actually, given that Hyderabad is "the" place to come to for pearls in India, it would'nt've been a surprise to find a Pearlpet in Hyderabad.

And, I am inclined to believe that the "pet"s (of Hyderabad) mean a locality with a market place or a bazaar just like the "Peth"s of Pune. Pune....I have fond memories of Pune, will reminisce them in some other post.

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  1. BabaPet, kaisaa sound karta hai... or MalluPet...

  2. Naah, I don't like any references to my "pet" ;) And, surprisingly, I haven't been able to locate any mallupet out here ;) So wassup with you nowadays?

  3. Nothing much, planning for a Sharepoint 2003 to MOSS 2007 migration. Rest life is kool...Orkuting lot