Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Don't let auto-update delay "Turn off computer"

I never get tired of finding ways to prevent the auto update from preventing me from using the computer the way I want it or to rant about the poor user experience!

Picture this:

As a good user, I keep Auto-updates on, and once it has finished downloading the updates, I would be nagged ever so often whether I want to restart or not! And, this dialog makes its presence felt at the most appropriate times like when presenting to a group of senior managers.

Auto update popup window

Or, when you use an application which makes use of the Shortcut key "Alt+N." You wouldn't even notice and suddenly all the apps are closing, as if the machine is going for a shutdown. What has happened is the "modal" dialog popped up, waiting for you to press Alt N or Alt L and you pressed Alt+N at the right moment, and now you are being blessed with lost work, lost browser sessions. How about this happening when you are in them midst of a credit-card transaction, say purchasing a ticket, in which you are expected to take a print of the last screen to the airport!

The other nag with this feature is the delay it introduces when shutting down the system.

I have made this a habit to notice the Turn computer off dialog.


If I find the dialog size is larger than usual, then it's time to prevent a time sink and Stop the automatic update service.

From a command prompt

type in either

net stop "Automatic Updates"


sc stop wuauserv

And, with that out of the way, I can get on with my life, until I boot the computer next time ;)



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