Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Now Sir, where may I plug this broadband connection?

Well, there could have been occasions when one would have wanted to point to one's dorsal side as an answer to such an inviting question as the blog title. But I doubt it has ever been expressed such in newsprint.

And so there I was a couple of minutes ago reading about the pathetic state of broadband in India, and up pops this news article...in no less a publication than the Economic times, that had me rolling on the floor with more than just visions of a smart home. Hope it makes your day too...

From "Smart homes may become a reality soon"

BSNL is currently working on two technologies. One that will offer speeds of 100 mbps and the other that will allow at least 500 mbps. The 100 mbps project will allow users to make his/her entire house a local area network on which all gadgets like TV, refrigerator, washing machine, micro-wave, gizzard, water filter or the lock at the main door and the gate will be connected. All these can be controlled remotely through a wireless gadget like the cell phone or any other handheld devices.


I find it quite intriguing a possibility to expect body organs especially digestive ones to get IP addresses and to be communicating with refrigerators or microwave ovens over 100 mbit network about how raw the turkey gizzard was (no pun intended) or how there seems to be traffic congestion since some days (again no pun intended.) Anyway, if that's what the country's topmost telecom company execs or financial newspapers wants us to believe, who's to attempt stemming the tide. But come to think of it, your gizzard would now be able to ensure that your run from your car to your pot to stem or at least to release the tide wouldn't have to be so fraught with risk, because they are connected by 100 mbit broadband, courtesy your friendly neighbourhood telecom company.

I do understand the situation the bosses @ telecom companies could be in. More so, if there seems to be competition even at the wrong end of food chain (no pun intended.)

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  1. Atleast they know these terms :)

    I am sure some of the things is achievable and may see the reality depending on who is at the helm